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About me

About me I have always strived for the all-round development, and therefore the boundaries between my profession as an architect, my vocation as a yoga teacher and my personal life are blurred, and often even absent. Like many others, I first became interested in yoga as a sport, an opportunity to develop and strengthen my body. It was over 10 years ago. And although initially hatha yoga seemed boring compared to active sports (I was very fond of dancing then), I unconsciously felt that there was something more in it. I continued to visit the lessons by different teachers and study on my own at home, and over the time I began to notice how my practice affects various aspects of my life as well as my worldview. At the age of 28, I made the decision to delve deeper into the science of yoga, get to know all its sides and come to a holistic understanding of why yoga has such a strong impact on my life. I started looking for my Teacher, who could teach me all the subtleties of yoga, which are not talked about on ordinary lessons or workshops. After a long search, I found my Teacher as soon as I heard: "The main thing is do not harm yourself." It was a turning point in my mind. I was trained by this teacher to become a yoga instructor. My training has revealed to me a whole hidden world of yoga, filled with centuries of wisdom and knowledge collected from all over the world. At the end of my studies, I felt a strong desire to share this knowledge with other people.

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In my lessons, I try to go beyond standard teaching, to present information from different angles, so that my students know not only how to do the practice correctly, but also why they do it. "Yoga as a path to oneself and peace" is my main message. I pay attention to each individual student. So that everyone can concentrate on themselves, seek contact with their own body and come to a conscious choice of their actions. Throughout the lesson, smooth, careful, but strong elements prevail, the main principle is "do not harm yourself." And at the end, everyone can plunge into a state of deep relaxation. My lessons are more suitable for advanced students, where I already focus on the details and use the verbal technique of asana induction and the tactile technique "hands-on".

- Yoga Workshops by Sivananda Yoga, Kitzbühel, 2021

- Ayengar Seminar by Yoga Zentrum Schwabing, Munich, 2021

- Practices for Belly Health, Hips Opening Seminar by Ishvara School, Kyiv, 2021

- Completed Yoga Teacher Training at Kaivalya Yoga Academy, Munich, 2019-2020, certificate Yoga Alliance 200h

- Atmarama Yoga Workshop, Bali, 2019

- Budokon Yoga Workshop, Munich, 2018

- Patrick Broome Yoga Studio, 2015-2020

- Self Practice 2011-2015

- Hatha Yoga by Slava Gutsaluk, Kyiv, 2008-2011

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